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A physical model of what could be a salt crystal talking about problems of representation in physics It is made was 2012 and I still do not quite know what to use it for.

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Graph Paper Animation

Have recently done a lot of experiments with graph paper in many different ways. This is one of the 3D experiments that ended up as an Internet movie. Using (Blender2.6 for tracking modeling and animation)  

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Tone Spiral

A kind of stereo test film (2007) (Seen/heard best with a pair of speakers with a fairly deep bass.) sound: the tone range from 1 kHz to 25Hz I was inspirered by film and sound whose aim is to test the equipment it will be shown on. Here the sound drives a very simpel narrativ, […]

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Stop Motion Star Flight

I really simpl experiments to see if it could be possible to make a sci-fi Star flight scene using just pieces of paper in different sizes. I think it’s exciting to work in this field of illusion that is made so simple or clumsy that they just barely work as illusion but  has a clear link to how […]

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Bouncing two balls between monitors with changing rhythms 2007-2008

After Bruce Nauman BOUNCING TWO BALLS BETWEEN THE FLOOR AND CEILING WITH CHANGING RHYTHMS This was a test project I did in 2007 2008 when I was working with a strong inspiration by Bruce Nauman. Specifically a series of 16 mm film he shot in his studio around 1967-1968. Other projects that actually became something (or at least was […]

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Josef Hartwig chess set

Josef Hartwig chess set 1924, here 3d modeled and animated. I wanted the individual elements to interact in a different way. I thought the design of chess pieces invited to a kind of spatial games rather than a tradional flat one.

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Periodic Table of the Elements, 2010

Periodic Table of the Elements here made as a building scaffold.

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flies and fluorescent

The pictures was taken during the exhibition Eksil 2007 (KBH kunsthal at Krappesholm højskole, Skive, DK). This project “no title” 2006 (CPH KUNSTHAL_Centenniale) was installe in the countryside and after some time more and more small animals came and the project came to resemble and were transformed to “Buzz” from the previous 2006  

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Rotating sculptures. Hvidovre hospital DK.

Placed in the swing door, at the main entrance of the Hospital.

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Rodchenko spatial test

Preceding animations to the work: ”Line meshing” 2012 and “Inside Tile Corner” 2012 I actually still really like the visuals in these tests, so maybe they come to form the basis for several more projects. the sound bite for this test is from: SOURCE: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS , Constructivism

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  • This blog is a place for projects that do not fit on the main site because it is considered as an archive for completed artworks. It is experiments that has been abandoned or not yet found their final form. I think these experiments still bear some relevance as glimpse of the underlying practice. On a personal level it feels good to have a place for these projects and perhaps even set them free in a way. Then other might see an idea and develop it further. Its something that I would like to see from other artists as well because I think it may show something interesting.