Unintended diy drone selfie

After numerous experiments with a homemade camera equipped drone this phenomenon has slowly emerged. It is a somewhat more anxious self-image than my own idea of how I look.
(movie stills)

unintended_diy_d_s-75_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-73_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-72_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-70_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-69_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-68_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-67_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-66_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-65_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-64_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-63_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-62_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-61_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-60_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-59_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-58_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-57_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-56_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-55_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-54_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-53_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-52_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-51_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-50_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-49_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-48_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-47_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-46_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-45_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-44_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-42_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-41_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-43_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-40_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-39_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-38_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-37_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-36_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-35_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-34_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-33_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-32_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-31_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-30_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-29_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-28_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-26_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-27_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-25_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-24_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-23_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-22_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-21_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-20_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-19_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-18_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-17_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-16_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-15_L copy  unintended_diy_d_s-13_L copy  unintended_diy_d_s-11_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-10_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-9_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-8_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-7_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-6_L copy  unintended_diy_d_s-4_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-3_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-2_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-1_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-74_L copy

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  • This blog is a place for projects that do not fit on the main site jesper-carlsen.com because it is considered as an archive for completed artworks. It is experiments that has been abandoned or not yet found their final form. I think these experiments still bear some relevance as glimpse of the underlying practice. On a personal level it feels good to have a place for these projects and perhaps even set them free in a way. Then other might see an idea and develop it further. Its something that I would like to see from other artists as well because I think it may show something interesting.