Russian Constructivism

Here’s something I’m working on currently. these clip will probably end up as a types of pictures. but I actually really like this kind of photos to because they remind me of Russian Constructivism(Aleksandr Rodchenko / László Moholy-Nagy).
The Elements that i used is from visual test and especially tests used in neuroscience. I’m quite fascinated with the idea to look at the brain via MRI Scanners while the subject are presented visual stimuli. It seems as if the context is often completely forgotten or unwanted to get an unambiguous result. you do not want people who thinks of the test as a phenomenon or of their own being in this world during test. So I see among other things my project as a form of pollution of these elements with subjectivity and context (art context)

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  • This blog is a place for projects that do not fit on the main site because it is considered as an archive for completed artworks. It is experiments that has been abandoned or not yet found their final form. I think these experiments still bear some relevance as glimpse of the underlying practice. On a personal level it feels good to have a place for these projects and perhaps even set them free in a way. Then other might see an idea and develop it further. Its something that I would like to see from other artists as well because I think it may show something interesting.