I am  Jesper Carlsen and I work as an artist and have the website: jesper-carlsen.com which acts as a sort of a archive for the art projects I have done.
The off.jesper-carlsen.com site  is a kind of outlet for the projects that  does not fit the jesper-carlsen.com site either because they simply does not work in a practical sens or as works of art.
I find this kind of open or incomplete work very interesting and I want with a blog to create a platform for these projects.

I will begin by regreting that there will be spelling errors,  sorry.
English is not my first language and if it was it would probably not help much.
My main priority on this blog is to create content rather than make it perfect but if you encounter any problems understanding what I write you are welcome to write me.

Jesper Carlsen

  • This blog is a place for projects that do not fit on the main site jesper-carlsen.com because it is considered as an archive for completed artworks. It is experiments that has been abandoned or not yet found their final form. I think these experiments still bear some relevance as glimpse of the underlying practice. On a personal level it feels good to have a place for these projects and perhaps even set them free in a way. Then other might see an idea and develop it further. Its something that I would like to see from other artists as well because I think it may show something interesting.