from Frank to Louise

A walk through screen recording, playing with textures, trying to end up in a Louise Lawler kind of image

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Pre visualization, Surface Encounters

Early 3d pre visualization, of the exhibition Surface Encounters

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Generic space probing

I wanted to make an architecture rendering of one of these very generic places. sort of a retirement home for art works.

And then I could not help myself dramatizing it a little. As I see it a kind probing the space, digitalt testing and taking samples of the place

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To curl a piece of square paper

A 3D simulation, To curl a piece of square paper

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Chrome t-rex

I had made the model but felt it was much more fun in the test face than the finished version.
A more official version:

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James Blake – Postpone – Detroid

An attempt in editing, and a marriage of James Blake and Detroid fine metro system.

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Skin 2015, edit

Early editing, nice and rough.
for the animation:…

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An ever growing collection of debris and misprints from my 3d printer.

2015-04-25 08.47.24_L

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Unintended diy drone selfie

After numerous experiments with a homemade camera equipped drone this phenomenon has slowly emerged. It is a somewhat more anxious self-image than my own idea of how I look.
(movie stills)

unintended_diy_d_s-75_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-73_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-72_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-70_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-69_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-68_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-67_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-66_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-65_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-64_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-63_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-62_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-61_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-60_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-59_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-58_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-57_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-56_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-55_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-54_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-53_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-52_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-51_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-50_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-49_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-48_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-47_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-46_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-45_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-44_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-42_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-41_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-43_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-40_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-39_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-38_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-37_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-36_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-35_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-34_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-33_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-32_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-31_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-30_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-29_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-28_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-26_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-27_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-25_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-24_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-23_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-22_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-21_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-20_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-19_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-18_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-17_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-16_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-15_L copy  unintended_diy_d_s-13_L copy  unintended_diy_d_s-11_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-10_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-9_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-8_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-7_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-6_L copy  unintended_diy_d_s-4_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-3_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-2_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-1_L copy unintended_diy_d_s-74_L copy

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Suspended Sculpture

An attempt to create a sculpture that could be partly suspended.
The hope was that it could lift the first two cubes, but remain earth bound by the last cube.

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  • This blog is a place for projects that do not fit on the main site because it is considered as an archive for completed artworks. It is experiments that has been abandoned or not yet found their final form. I think these experiments still bear some relevance as glimpse of the underlying practice. On a personal level it feels good to have a place for these projects and perhaps even set them free in a way. Then other might see an idea and develop it further. Its something that I would like to see from other artists as well because I think it may show something interesting.